Next time you travel abroad pack a little rod in your suitcase . This is South Carolina pier fishing around Hilton head .

My wife and Tom thankfully agreed to drop me off at the local piers each and everyday . My set up was simple , light spinning rod , little Penn reel salt proof and some 4lb fluorocarbon .

A selection of hooks and some light weigh in hand we set off to Walmart for a bag of king prawns . And then the fun began . It was all new small species to me , eventually  the shark family begun to bite .

At one point the reel screamed  off and I knew I needed a heavier set . It all went so quick , each time I clicked on the little camera and recorded those fishes . 13 new species , almost tropical , a weather to melt for and some awesome people and scenery .

South Carolina , go visit and  take a little fishing rod with you .