In this week adventure we went for a real good paddle . The weather was just perfect , blue skies around and some warmth in the air . We started near  Balmaha , little village surrounded by magnificent sceneries .

The paddle was gentle gliding towards the islands . Fishing was difficult in such bright weather , nevertheless I hooked into a perch .

We then paddle on looking for some more action . The group split for a while around an island but soon we all got reunited . At this time the fishing was still poor . We took this opportunity to practise self rescue .

In no time the lads would come off the kayak and go back on it without any problems . It was fun all around .

Fishing was really dour , we paddle back and stop for some ledgering . Josh managed a couple of small perch and I hooked one . We then called it a day my face and arm burned to a scottish tan .

Back to the cars to say goodbye Glen was all smile . Half way solo through  his return journey he nailed a big pike . We spent around seven hours on the calm water and covered 13 km . Great paddle in sunny Scotland , a fantastic day for all to remember . Central Scotland kayak anglers was created a few years back and the adventure continues . Stay tuned . Video off the day can be viewed on youtube @ nicolas valentin