In this week paddle adventure we decided to head back to fresh water . Loch Lomond is the length of a marathon so we went sideways around all those islands .

The float tubers where in the great mood looking for the perch . With that much water in the front of us we paddled on . The trip was never ending , this time we went as far as we could . We stop for some grub on a tiny island .

Eventually we arrived to a good little fishy spot . I worked my lure slowly close to the weedbed and then felt a small tug . Four seconds later the fish was on , my first 2018 pike  . Not a big one but nevertheless a fish .

We then paddle back , at that time the wind was strengthening a good 20 miles/hour and we made sure we stayed upright on our kayaks .

It was a brilliant paddle , with so much space and freedom . It was time to head back home and I had my very last cast , not even 20 yards from the shore my rod bent double and the fish was on . This time a much bigger one . With the wind still blowing and pushing me further anchor I hurried the fish and put way too much pressure on the rod , my fault . The fish broke loose  . 1,2,3 . Friends , adventure and a single fish , with temperatures warming we will certainly go back . Loch Lomond is Huge !