This week we went back on Loch Lomond . The weather was much better this time and you could nearly feel a touch of spring . The  water temperature was  only 4 C . Our plan was priorly fishing the bays looking for that single take . We did try that for a while and then the word  wallabies was mention .

Scotland , Loch Lomond , wallabies , hum that does not sound right . We soon had hopes and paddle toward one of those numerous island . We trek through the wooded area , mossy and mushy , eyes open looking for the wallabies . Lucky enough I spotted one down bellow camouflaged , and there was another one . They bolted following the heather tracks . We managed somehow a quick photo and they seems to know the terrain better than us .

And then we paddled again and tried another island for something to eat . No there is no shops on the island . It was sandwich for me , Glen battered an Omelette . More paddling again and the loch is a mirror . No wind , just beautiful reflection . More fishing still all trying for one single bite , but the fish are not having it , just too cold .

Many more cast later and the very last chance I register a proper bite but no hook up . The westin soft lure is slightly lacerated , proof they are fish down there .

11 Km later we called it a day , a brilliant explore through out and a grand tour of the islands . We will go back ..