Scotland , firth of Clyde , week two .

Today we went exploring the firth of Clyde . It was certainly one of the coldest adventure experienced to this day . With temperature bellowing to -8c overnight we took time and wrapped up warm . Thankfully the sun was shining , the sea was calm and the prospect was high . We paddle towards antarctica barely feeling our fingers tip not to mention our frozen toes . The cold easterly wind  effortlessly sailed us to deeper water marks . We decided to shelter behind a small island , drift and fish . The tide was rising just like our hope , a rising tide will bring us fish . Once again our flimsy light lrf breakable rods did all the trick in some fashion . Sooner than later our little shad lure weighing no more than 7 gr did all the damage . The pollock where nailing our lure fished down just above the kelp . The silent journey soon become fish on . Fish on as my buddies shouted . We caught and released fish and from time to time keeping one for the pot . The action was frantic and we made sure we were not going to break any  rod . The afternoon went well in freezing conditions . And then the cold easterly wind gathered and it was time to head back home . It was a hard paddle just heading back and I made sure everyone was sound and safe .

Right to this point all this information was worth sharing . You would think this  interesting story would be fine in this world . Actually not for some . In the world of angling feeding good information is simply a no no . Most people wants to keep their marks secret although the coast line is thousands of miles long and the oceans are thousands of miles long . Folks are scared just incase a big trawler decide to scoop all their fish . To our eyes fishing will always be a past time , a great way to enjoy our fantastic sceneries and share our passion with the world .

Enjoy this post like we did , take a friend with you and share your angling knowledge . Respect your quarry , learn your environment and feel free . Feel free .