The very first of january 2018 , Loch Lomond , Scotland .

We left 2017 in the cold , 2018 was even colder . To this day we still haven’t found the best way to keep warm . We did have a good time though  with so much space to explore . Lure fishing this time of year is never productive and catching anything is always a  bonus . We visited a small island , part of the national park . Unfortunately the litter louts left their prints . How on earth can anyone leave rubbish in this beautiful part of the world ? Do they think the water bin men will collect all those discarded presents ? The freedom of the land will certainly  dramatically change if no one takes control of this  . Access will be reduced and the law abiding people will be penalised . Enjoy the countryside , thanks the landowner who let you tremble on their ground and in  this beautiful landscape and sceneries  , leave nothing but footprints .