2017 will be a year to remember . I have managed to save every little trip , every little information , From time to time I will be able to look back in the past adventures and learn from those , just like a weekly diary .

Kayak fishing is certainly the way to go , exploring the unexplored and nailing some fish along the way . Throughout 2017 I have paddle our local waters , and never ventured out more than two hours drive from Glasgow , Scotland .

My aim was to catch over 25 species from the kayak , unfortunately I could only manage 22 . I had great fun using the lightest tackle , we call it Lrf .

My biggest catch will be remembered forever , A mighty Conger eel taken at night in one of those wet cold outing .

I have enjoyed paddling the very best scenery of this world but also enjoy the company of amazing outgoing people .

I thanks anyone of those who did make  our trip saffer in sometime undesirable conditions . Kayak fishing is a sport , nothing really looks stable but with time and practise everything is doable .

I am looking forward to 2018 already , Will it be fly fishing , ledgering , spinning , deep sea fishing , trolling or even hand lining , who knows , the adventure continues ..