This is our third trial in the firth of Clyde . Our aim is to sample an area and witness any catch . The Clyde support two types of fishing , the trawlers and the recreational anglers . The trawlers mainly target prawns and rake the sea bed . The recreational anglers are there for a good day out , just hopping for a little catch . The Clyde is a nursery with millions of little fish . I soon found out pulling 5 little codling in almost every drop . The Clyde is alive and full of little fish . Fishing close in small reef we also found out the pollock angling was great . Again not real monsters but enough to bend our little lrf rod . We managed six different species , cod , pollock , blenny , goldsinny wrasse , coley and even a late mackerel . Fortunately and surprisingly Glen nailed a lb4 cod , certainly a very special catch in the firth of Clyde . For the story , back in the days this area was one of the most prolific cod fishing ground in europe . Properly managed this area could flourish in the days to come . I am hoping for better catch from the shore recreational anglers but also a rethink of the whole trawling industry . Nevertheless the Clyde is certainly cleaner and the future prospect looks great . There is the video