Starting from the great outdoor . Scotland has a lot to offer when it comes to scenic and landscape . Throughout the seasons , 3 cold and 1 less cold the landscape , light and colour are forever changing . Loch Etive is one of those places worth heading towards . A short paddle away you will face the grand scenery , the snow top mountains and the abounding wildlife . It might be cold for a few hours but certainly it’s scenic .

The weather forecast can be diabolical . The BBC weather forecast will make you stay at home . Looking at the predicted weather only a day in advance the wind was supposedly  meant to blow to 20 to 30 miles per hour . However on the day it was certainly flat calm . Just like fake news it’s certainly disappointing .

Companionship is and always be an important factor in extreme kayaking . Kayak fishing is a safe sport , group kayaking is extremely safe and help is always at hand  .

Fishing and catching make us do go back , fresh and scenic , top destination for a great cool adventure . Scotland and loch etive today , somewhere else tomorrow , keeping on paddling .