Winter is here and a dusting of snow far up the hills will not put us off . Kayak fishing the sea lochs during winter is always interesting . The water is cooling off slowly and the fish are still  biting .

Loch Fyne is probably the coldest place on earth this monday morning . We manage a small breakfast , a hot porridge for me just to make sure my  body is ticking , it’s cold out there but the sea is flat .

And we are off , paddling and anticipating . Glen ‘s fish finder is showing prospect , all those little screen dots showing masses of little fish .

I can ear Joshua shouting mackerel in the distance , his rod tip is bouncing and surprisingly those migrating fish are still here .

It’s probably due to global warming , everything is getting warmer , but certainly not here in Scotland ,my fingers and toes are unbearably cold.

My first fish is a coley , I picked it up right of the bottom . The lift is somehow more powerful and I wonder if something much bigger  is holding on to it .

Now it’s the time to change tactics . My seven foot Hto Lrf rod is ready for some proper action . I tie on a little orange shadd on a 4gr jig hook .

Slowly retrieving the lure I hook a saithe , bringing it close to the surface . I am just about to grab the fish and notice a massive grey shape swimming right under my kayak . The local seal just grabbed my catch and won’t let go . Light rock fishing for seal then , my rod is to be tested for sure . It only lasted a few seconds , the rod did not break and the small lure was returned intact minus the fish .

Luckily , multitasking I managed to grab a small gopro footage of the action .

We then carried  further on , tied on the disused fish farm . We all had some bites here and there . I was not highly satisfied and paddle back for some more light action . Close in I enjoyed catching and releasing a few more fish .

The weather then turned warmer bringing on a good breeze . Nick’s narrow sea kayak was just probably too narrow to sit on top so we all paddle back to   shore . Right at the end Glen hooked a sea trout , so unfortunate that silvery fish was not landed .

And the adventure continues , wet , windy or cold we shall be there .