We enjoy kayak fishing on the Big Loch . Our main task is always trying to hook some fish . The seasons are forever changing and this is now prelude to winter .

This time we decided to head further up the loch . It was a cold start and the extremities , hands and feet did suffer . The still morning was truly enjoyable . We followed Glen from a distance anticipating a take . Glen fish finder never lies . The fish  shoal in different areas and depth and finding the concentration proved in this case impossible .

We made it to the middle of the loch , rocks and very small islands appears from nowhere . Glen is locating the fish and a perch is hooked . Joshua is soon following his step and nailed one for himself . The fishing depth is forever changing , the wind just started to pick up and we are now drifting .

I manage somehow to hook a small fish , it did not last long , another miss bite . We enjoy the scenery full stop , this area is certainly breathtaking .

It’s now time for a small break and we all paddle towards the shore . They are a few golden nuggets in the woods , a handful chanterelle I picked for dinner .

It’s time to head back and try our luck at fishing . I wish the fish were biting today . It’s now time to paddle back and face the strengthening wind . Josh just spotted a salmon breaching the surface .

Paddling close in to the water edge I notice a black mink , the furtill creature is now hiding under a big rock watching our every move .

We anchor for one last chance , and I am trying to nail one single fish .

Retrieving my anchor I snagged a big thick rope . To my surprise a set of traps was attached onto it . I guess this was set for studying purpose . However traps should be monitored for the sake of any wild life . ( watch the video .https://youtu.be/GdohpjDSRC4  )

It’s getting darker now but the temperatures have certainly improved . A few more paddle stroke and our adventure is ending . With only two fish to our tally we should certainly complain to the gods but with friendship and sceneries like that we could only thanks the god . Thank you Scotland and Loch Lomond for this precious adventure . Till the next adventure , tight lines all .