Our latest adventure was incredibly still . We decided to venture somewhere new , somewhere scenic . Winter is creeping in slowly and grabbing the freezing cold paddle was unbearable at first but soon become tolerable .

We drifted slowly to un uncredible forest surrounding and being there was simply magical . We soon learned fishing was going to be a massive challenge although watching fish rise to the surface kept our hearts beating .

I landed a small jack pike after many cast , fishing deep and twitching the cannibal shad . Then Glen hooked one of those perch  , a welcome catch to say the least .

We eventually ventured out on the main loch , with not a breath of wind in sight . Glen’s fish finder was showing millions of fish right down in the abyss but we could only dream of catching one .

We pursued our journey close to  the bankside and I managed another bite . This time another small pike , twice as big as the first one but still a pike . Togg headed home earlyish and we kept on thrashing the still water .

In this trip we certainly learned how to keep calm  .  Perfectly  still and breathtaking sceneries . Where’s next ?