Coarse angling from the kayak will soon start  , people have mentioned the word winter and surely the water is getting colder .

I enjoy catching perch using the rubber lures or shad , the are really effective in the summer months . The fish have now moved in the deeper area where the water is warmer .

The task is simple , you need an anchor and a bunch of worms . Finding areas holding fish is more like a gamble .

The drop shot technique is even more simple , use a small light weight , a fine nylon , fluorocarbon and tie a drop shot hook just above the weight . Bait the hook with a juicy worm and cast out . Once the weight hits the bottom reel in slowly , really slowly .

Sooner or later you will hook those perch .

Something interesting happened later on in the day . Fishing was really slow and then I hooked a fish . Reeling in I realised something bigger , much bigger grabbed my fish . At that time my Lrf rod was seriously curving , just about to break . A sizable pike hold on to the prey for a minute or so and my task was to bring both fish to the surface .

We soon realised this was a no win situation . The pike dented the perch seriously , the perch just survived and the fun only lasted one minute .

The next four months will be slow but I know can sense a big predator getting hooked soon .

Loch Lomond is vast and scenic , fishing is so challenging that keeps me going . Until the next adventure the gloves will be on . Ride on .