Here comes the East coast of Scotland and the sea , just the sea . From time to time I enjoy a good workout and the thrill of all uncertainty  .

A good weather check is paramount prior to launching our flimsy kayaks . Today is good , dry weather , moderate wind and ambient temperature , however the sea is lumpy .

This is Josh 4th trip on the kayak , still young and learning I make sure he is safe on the water . We got up really early , and it’s low tide . The inflatable boys are back , they could only manage 20 mn at sea , yellow faces on and proper sea sick they call it an early day .

It’s a fair trek walking down our loaded kayaks down to the beach but we are ready to rock . The sea is getting lumpy as we paddle towards infinity and it’s all grey out there .

I keep an eye on Josh and he’s probably keeping an eye on me too but like warriors or sailors we are making good progress towards our wishful fishing ground .

Fishing is sporadic  , the drift speed is considerably fast and for comfort we will not be using the drogue . Josh shout fish on , he is bobbing like a yoyo , disappearing  between the waves . He is working a bunch of mackerel tight to the kayak , hooked 4 big one right in the mouth .

Catching fish is certainly more fun than watching those waves coming at us . We drift on and fish close to the bottom , my rig close to the nasty snag is about to find my first codling . I release the light brown spotted coloured creature back to the sea and urge him to get bigger .

josh just smashed a Wrasse , I can hear him shouting in the distance . Then my rod bent double straight on the drop , As soon as my feathers hit the bottom I felt a massive tug . Not just one but two pollock , I release one and keep the other for the pot , fair doos .

A couple of snag later and lost rig my rod is bouncing again , the codfather strikes  , this fish suddenly becomes a  keeper . Happy days .

Seven hours later , paddling and drifting over 6 miles we eventually called it a day . With full respect to the sea and zillions of negotiated waves  later we eventually made it back to the sandy beach . And the adventures continues already looking for the next adventure . Stay tuned .