I cannot get enough of those kayak fishing trips . They always turn out to be a combination of friends , scenic Scotland and fish . We choose the heart of Scotland this time . Autumn is slowly appearing , colours in the tree are changing and the air is getting fresher .

We launched from  a quiet spot ,  surprisingly deep close to the bank we all managed our first fish . The perch are on the feed .

A short paddle away we are now entering the main loch , there is a little breeze cutting across and we set looking towards small islands .

The small spikey shad is working well . Unhooking a small perch I dropped the lure back into  the water to be taken instantly by another perch . Unhooking two lure caught fish within  5 seconds is certainly interesting .

My next fish is a tiny pike , at this point Glen , Josh and myself are fish on !

A hundred few more paddle stroke , Josh and I are now nearing the very top end of the loch . The wind is suddenly threatening , we anchor and fish for a little while and head back .

It’s gale force wind and we are now looking for Glen . The small island is deserted , our friend is missing .We paddle back pushed by the strong wing towards the launching point . Glen’s  car is still there and no Glen .

With no phone connection my plan is to head back to the island and find our missing friend . The wind is cutting across the loch , it’s hard work , we push on . The island is empty . Where is Glen ?

The word preoccupying sounds about right at this stage . I ask a trio of bank anglers if they have seen another kayaker , oh no .

And then in the corner of my eye , well camouflaged in the landscape the silhouette of the missing kayaker appears . Now back as a team , fishing close to each other we enjoy the late afternoon in the quiet bit .

We all caught pike and perch , but a lb3 bonnie trout made it Glen’s grand slammer camouflaged man of the day . Winning prize and ceremonie  , ticking every boxes . Till the next trip , tight lines all .

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