Kayak Monday is on , fishing is our passion and comes the weekend we are planing our next trip . A quick look at the weather and the direction where the wind is blowing always tell us where to head for .

Today is the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond . People would travel the world to sit amongst the mist and witness the scenery , we are simply here to hook them in the mouth .

And there is the perch , certainly a  fish with attitude , with a bucket mouth like that we adore them . Our setup is simple , it’s called LRF , spinning or drop shotting we go .

The rain is falling and it does not matter if you wear a rain proof jacket over a wet suit , you will still get a soaking .

A gentle paddle away , slowly drifting , I cast and retrieve my small cannibal shad . There is already indication the fish will be biting . Little knocks here and there and I drop my first fish .

After many attempts I swiftly change lures , opting for a smaller spikey shad , my favorite . A couple of cast later I hooked one in the mouth . Game on !

Next step is to dropshot the deeper water . A lone shore anglers is simply doing well , all sussed out , he his hammering them , the silver fish that is .

I anchor close by knowing this spot could be interesting , every little feed will help .

I predict the fresh garden worm will do the trip , dropshotting is on . Sitting at an anchor I  lower a single worm just above the weed bed and my rod is suddenly bouncing . Small fish at first then eventually soon the bigger one .

Late afternoon , young Josh away on a wonder is finally heading back . His first word is Nick I dropped my rod . The £ are rolling in my head , Josh this is going to be expensive !

I offer every help and we quickly paddle to his loss . Fortunately not too far from the shore we try to locate his prize . The visibility is none and the glare is awful . We are about to give up and then something catches my eye . I drop the anchor straight away and focus on the spot . On the second attempt I drag the anchor toward his rod and slowly lift the bounty . We shout with happiness , the salvage operation is done .

Nick , you’re a start that’s his next word . I smile profusely !

And then we went , we smiled and shook hands like the happiest people in the world . Kayak fishing rocks and those stripey perch will be hard to forget . Till the next adventures . Enjoy