I enjoy the  east coast of Scotland , paddling out there in the big sea requires some amount of madness . This is our lucky day , the sea is lumpy and there is a fair breeze going by .

We won’t need to paddle today , the wind is taking us right out there , a good westerly .The cement work chimney is smoking and it’s  horizontal  .The nuclear power station on our right is deadly quiet .

Danny and I set the drogue , a piece of kit slowing down our drift , acting like an umbrella or a parachute we are now able to fish .

Mackerel ,  coley , and the reddish codling ever is first on the list of catches . However the sea is lumpy , making our effort hard going .

Four hours of action later , covering kms we eventually head back to the sandy beach . Danny got a nice pollock , his first ever ling and some mackerel , he is a happy chap .

A very small break later we are back out again , Istvan and his lady are now on the water , she has no fear mixing with all elements .

We enjoyed the paddle throughout  the day , really hard at time and fishing was somehow slow . The light was amazing with the menacing cloud cover and we all came back safe , all safe and well till the next adventure .