If you ever ask people what they want to catch while out fishing , 99 % of those people would like to catch a big fish .

In this last episode Glen and I went to Loch Lomond eventually catching up with David . Our setup is simple , it’s called Lrf . Matching our gears  is primordial . The rod is light and flimsy , around 7ft in length but can only cast 7gr . I use 4lb fluorocarbon as a main line through to the lure , it’s invisible in the water , not stretching and very strong .The end business is either #HTO mini shad or the fox spikey one , they do the trick .

The morning was slow with intermittent showers around but it soon brighten up and the water suddenly became warmer .

Glen found a quiet spot and the action soon started . Dropping down the midi white stick on the drop shop I was soon registering some bites . The midi stick will definitely catch a bigger Perch , looking like a small fish just about to die .

No big perch lurking about we went on using the fresh digged garden worm , and that always work ! The next bait still fished on the drop shot is secret , the perch love it and so did the eel , not one but two . My face lit up trying to deal with the slimy creature , the silvery protected eel soon became species 18 th on my species challenge .

We then paddle a bit down the loch , forever drifting with the southwesterly wind . We enjoyed a bit of lure fishing casting and retrieving those tiny lures , the action was fierce drawing those fish close to the kayak .

It was time to head back and we fished close in amongst the weed bed . To this time we had no pike , however this quickly changed , Glen suddenly hooked into an Lrf monster . He sat the drag accordingly , his rod bent double under his yak , not giving any slack the fish was his . The little tiny shad was quickly removed and I managed to capture a happy smile of both of them .

The late afternoon action increased  with ever cast and more perch and one small pike smashed the lure  .

Lrf is great from start to finish , using the right line you can propulse those little lure at a mere 30 yards and fish them in the required depth .

Happy to see the water bailiff doing their round , Loch Lomond provide the best fishing on a larger scale and it’s catch and release only . Till the next trip , tight lines all and enjoy the great outdoors .