Glen and I have been kayak fishing for a number of years now but today’s outing was worth saving , a red letter day .

It’s summer in Scotland and unless we go far out to sea we don’t even need to check the weather .

It’s early morning here in Balmaha , so early we beat every traffic coming and going from the big city .

It’s going to be dry and the wind is blowing in our faces , it’s mild and we go .

We sort the blank out first , behind the island it’s somehow sheltered and lowering our baited rigs , it’s a perch each .

And then we are off , a mother of a paddle similar to crossing an ocean , we paddle like warriors . Glen is fully loaded , with just everything’s on board we paddle .

The wind is blowing across in the Big loch , we managed to the bottom end and start drifting . Its a slow progress in our fishing hunt , one perch here and one perch there we have nothing to show .

A long drift later and a bite to eat we eventually found some serine water , Nice and quiet for a change I ledger for the unknown species and there come nb 18 of the 2017 challenge , a humble Ruffe , the most hatted fish in Bonnie Scotland , witch I release free .

We then paddle like warriors again , the wind is blowing right in our faces but we are making progress .

Next stop is fantastic , the water is clear and all those baby fish are swimming about , we watch , we drift along those weed bed , the visibility is perfect , this is heaven .

Snap in your finger and the weather is now calm and hot . Glen’s got a fish on , I paddle towards him and watch the fight . Glen is confident with a smile on his face . The battle is fierce , the line is tight and the monster is tamed . A beautiful loch lomond pike . The fish is realised quickly , Glen let a single word out of his mouth , BOOM !

We still focus on this little spot and then Glen hooked another fish . The battle is fierce once again . The hook is quickly removed , I grab for the camera .

A flick of a tail the monster slippery fish is free . And no pictures .

The day is ending , another perch here and another one there we call it a day . 12 km of hard paddling and a couple of crackers later we shook hands and smiled profusely . Till the next trip .Tight lines all .


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