We are not specimen hunters , just friends who relish a day on the water . Kayak fishing is our buzz . That night was special for many reason . Tony invited us to the highlands of Scotland , he just wanted us to fish at night . Tony can plan a trip months in advance , He needs to be kind to his woman and baby son and earn some brownie points . Five weeks of brownie points for one night fishing in the dark .

 We managed to drive right up to destination , god it’s scenic . I am keen like mustard and paddle out testing the water . The wind is cutting across , it’s getting dark and it’s raining .

With all that brownie points saved Glen , Tony and I paddle out into the near darkness . The hills and glens surrounding us are still visible and the head torch are on .

 We paddle and paddle against the wind and then turn and surf into our final destination . I cannot tell you about our final destination , this is our secret spot .

We sat close to each other like brothers tied on and fairly sheltered in that secret spot .

And like any other adventures we downed our baited hook till they reach the bottom .

We eventually got the fish in the mood . Especially those thornback rays . Every one of those feels like lifting a big slab , they think they are flying under water .

It’s dark , it’s miles away from the nearest chapel and the rain is lashing . What are we doing here I ask myself .

Another bite but this one seems more interesting . I strike and the fish is definitely on , and then the rods bend double . 2 minutes later of hard reeling we notice some bubbles of air appearing from nowhere and then the massive conger eel surface . ooft

In no time he dives back to the deeph , good lord !

Eventually I manage to get the monster close in and grab the 150 lb nylon leader . The minute I manage to lift the fish , he decided to spin uncontrollably  ,and every time back in the water he simply swan backward . That is a conger .

The beast  was now sitting on my lap , a first conger and definitely a personal best . I release the prize and watch it swim back into the depth . 20 minutes later Tony is now having fun . Another conger . This is the night ! Again , bubble erupting from the surface and a tight battle .

Tonight will be remembered . We did saved those brownie points , we did get all our tackle right and we survived the coldest night full of great emotion . Till the next adventure , Tight lines all