On our latest kayak fishing adventure , we went scenic , in the heart of Scotland . We went for the perch this time trying to catch a decent one . Perch are predators and they tend to shoal together , find one and you are likely to catch another one .

So we paddled away . Marcos was quick of the mark with a little one  , really encouraging to start with . Half way up the loch , I noticed some wild brown trouts siping at some emerging mayflies . It was time for me to change tactics and I reached for the flyrod . Drifting close in I could actually target those rising fish .

It was  such fun  fooling  those rising brownies and hooking them but the perch was still  on our mind . We tried and tried again , Charlie was having a blank day and Marcos doing slightly better .

It was then time to paddle back , the long dour paddle against a magnificent background . Marcos left us early indicating a likely good spot , fairly deep and weedy .

At that time the loch became a mirror . Charlie was spinning away and his rod bent double , the splashing was clear and it was obvious he nailed a decent fish . I paddle straight to him as he was netting that magnificent Perch . He quickly released his prize catch and was smiling broadly .

Right away I knew I was in the right water and deployed all strategy . Little LRF  73 Hto rod in hand , my favorite weapon , I unleash the beast . Using the drop shot technique I tied a hook just above the weight and stuck my white midi shad . I dropped the lure imitating a dying fish straight down below , a cool 30 feet . Slightly drifting I could sense the bottom of the loch .

 Activating the lure in the slightest I eventually felt a good tug and thought I got snagged . My rod tip became heavy and I knew I had a Big perch on . I keeped  contact and reeled the fish into the net . At that time I felt so happy . Charlie took a photo of my prize catch and we firmly shook hands like gladiators .

It was then time to head back home having realised our cool dream .

Kayak Fishing a new water certainly paid off this time , using the right technique at the right time .