Kayak fishing is our game , with big open spaces on our doorstep we go . Prior to every trip , we plan accordingly and then let the flow go .

This is Scotland , the clouds are flirting above our heads and the rain is eminent . The only pressure is not catching .

Once a week we become fish  hunters , we care about our catch and each quarry is release  free .

I relish the light approach , catching the biggest fish using the lightest tackle is my buzz .

Big fish will get fooled with small tiny soft lure . My fluorocarbon line is light and invisible too . I will cast and cast again fishing the appropriate depth and sooner or later deep down I know I will get a hit .

Fish are smart but this Lrf  (light rock fishing ) tactic is now paying off .

Now you wonder why there is so many rods on the market , so many different type of lines and so many colorful soft lure .

I would like to thank Nick  (perch master ) and Marcos for sharing this trip . Screaming reel for us all .