And so we are , Loch Lomond , the largest loch by surface area in great britain ,it’s 24 miles long . Pick your spot and make the best of it . Fish close in or far out , shallow or deep ,pick your spot . Early morning and it’s pelting down , a non stop falling down rain and it’s cold . What are we doing here ? Heading to the deep water seems a plan , the fish are showing down below , the small one though tucked into the weed . Two hours of constant rain and the prospect is bleak . The easterly light wind push me back closer to the shore . Light rod in hand and my favorite rubber shad I cast toward the shore . I am in no hurry retrieving my lure and fish it close to the weed bed . The first take feels good and straight away I know it’s not a pike . The fish is now surfacing , and it’s a stripey , a good looking perch . The small net is ready and my heart is pumping , It’s a good wild perch . I take a quick photo of this magnificent creature and send it back to her freedom . The day goes on and it’s now dry and warmish . The paddle is gentle and the scenery great . I carry on my journey still hoping for some other takes and luckily it began was fast and furious , more perch and plenty action . Note to self . Light gear fishing is fun , think HTO . Small rubber lure and little jig head will get you fish at slow retrieve . I use fluorocarbon , invisible , light and dense , only lb4 . I also enjoy the company of Glen , Stuart , Ian , Thomas and Charlie .Enjoy the video Below and tight lines all .