The weather is ever changing in Scotland , Only 7 days ago we had snow . Balmaha situated on the bonnie banks of loch Lomond today feels like the Bahamas , balamahas should we call it . Blue skies and a magical 15 degrees I set off and paddled away . Boat angler of the day Stuart and his companions agreed for a tow . While on board the full fish scanner displayed the depth and some interesting spots with millions of fish , little dots here and there and some big arches revealing the bigger predator . Drop me there I ask Stuart , and I carefully rejoin my kayak . There is no pressure today . I drop down my anchor . I can feel the sun rays hitting my face and for once it feels good . Those millions of fish below eventually became one or two , once I figured out how to hook those . Two bonnie little roach jumped onto my net , size 16 little hook and a tantalising magot to lure them , I was simply happy to be there and sampling those sceneries . Friends partied away and now on my own for the rest of the day . 42 km long and some 8 km wide Loch Lomond is some place and I paddled away . Paddling is good and I kept  on paddling . Next stop is a shallow bay , and I really fancy a pike on the fly , any size will do , even a tiddler jack pike . I cast and retrieve sitting 2 feet above the water line and the only takes is weed . Never mind , the sun is still shining , time to store all those vitamin D . And then it’s time to paddle back the way . The pier and scenic spot is buzzing with tourist , I anchor once more . The fish are stealing my maggots sooner than I say strike . It’s one of those days . Those two little roach will be remembered , species number 10 so far 2017 and the paddling will keep on going . Balamahas , scotland in March . Scorching !