Kayak fishing is relatively new in angling diversity , it is a sport which require the love of the great outdoors , a sense of stability and also the will to stay cold all day . Today we are on Loch Etive , Highland of Scotland . The sea loch is fairly narrow and sheltered from adverse weather but also  very deep .Todays weather is grim , relatively calm but extremely cold and wet , averaging temperatures about 4C . Fishing requires plenty line on the reel since it’s well over 100 m deep . Today’s fishing was like sitting on our favorite spot , dropping a bait way down below and registering some bites . The day went on , we got wet and cold but  the fishing was rewarding . The variety of species was tremendous including , dogfish , spurdog s ,whiting , cod , poorcod , and this elusive sea monster , A ling . Great fishing buddies , fantastic scenery , appalling weather all thrown  at once , we will be back , oh yes we will ! Fair notice , we enjoy catch and release most of the time . Most fish will survive been lifted up from the depth . However ling hardly make it , the swim bladders come out of their mouth and never live another day . This fish will be enjoy for dinner and have all sorts of good receipe for it . I would like to thanks all my friends who have joined on the memorable but freezing cold Kayak Monday .