End of february here in Scotland , we call it god’s land with so much access to pristine water and grandiose scenery . Today’s task was just to get back on track and work the upper body . With snow still on the hills and water still pretty cold the prospect of hooking a fish reminds low . However we paddle into the flat water of Loch Lomond .

It’s still early in our season and the prospect is slim . Out of the blue David , should I say around the corner , hooked into one of those magnificent predator , a loch Lomond pike . The battle is on and the fish is ( landed ) . Quick photo of the prized creature and we paddle on . The weather is kind , around 3C and some sunny spell brightens our day .

We then paddle to the next bay , there is hundreds of bays since the Loch is 24 miles long and 5 miles across , Yes a truly big water to explore .

Quick stop for something to eat and catching up with the latest news . The rain is one and those little ice stones are bouncing about , yes this is still winter . My phone is ringing and it’s time to find Glen in the middle of the loch on one of those islands . Glen started from the overside of the loch , a mere 5 miles away and we eventually met half way . The cooking is on the stove and a warm coffee comes my way , cheers . Four of us sitting in the middle of nowhere , stories here and there and time to part again . Glen is heading east and we are all paddling west .

Fishing here and there and exploring even more we finally paddle back to where we started 7 hours earlier , without a single bite !

Today’s trip was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finnish . Lure fishing is february is always touch and go , David did well though with one of those elusive wild predator .

March is around the corner and the fishing will be even better . Paddle on .