January in Scotland is probably one of the harshest month is the kayak fishing calendar . Kayak fishing on the big loch , loch lomond is totally unproductive . Nick and I decided to have another paddle so we decided to start from Duck bay marina , western part of the loch . Beating up the early morning traffic was impossible too , so I had to remain  patient .

Eventually we made up and organised ourselves on the side of the loch , small sandy beach and frozen sand . And then we paddled away following the shore , passing Cameron house hotel and all the money . We played on for a while , the weather was cold ,frozen fingers and toes .

So no fish so far ,  we paddle to the bottom end of the loch , and stopped there for a while . Little robin was quick into my maggot tub and was quite happy to pose for pictures . By that time my kayak disappeared pushed by some wind , glad Nick helped for the rescue and recovered my light craft . We then paddle down a bit further enjoying the cold afternoon  sun . The river was littered with boat , even a sunk one !

Still no fish to show after multiple cast in all directions ,we then paddled back slowly and explored every opportunity . The nippy easterly wind was gathering pace fortunately in the right direction . The final paddle was surfing back to the beach , I followed Nick close behind and the sit in kayak did a cool turnover . In waist deep water and nothing to lose Nick survived the ordeal . (funny in the video  )

All in it was a great day ! Beat sitting at home waiting for spring . Fishing was disappointing though but that is just the norm this time of year and will improve shortly . Nick’s company was great as always . Enjoy the photos and the video .