Kayak fishing is awesome  , Scotland’s water are awesome and the kayak fishers  are all mad . We relish to party somewhere wild . Guess we are all born hunters but prior to this  we all like water . Our latest trip took the six of us to Loch Etive . Middle of January amongst some cracking scenery , who wants to be there ? We do ! This is our battery charger and every week we all need another top up . Keeps us good . We sat around the peat fire the night prior to fishing , and we talked fishing . And then a few hours later we woke up in near darkness ready to explore , ready to paddle and ready to feel some bites on the line . Catching fish is simple as long as you are prepared to fish different spots , use different tackle and different baits and techniques . It’s all about fishing the zone , understanding where the fish are at  the precise time and instant . With six species today and well over 20 landing my heart was beating with happiness . Kayak fishing rocks , kayak fishers are simply mad .Who wants to be out there where there is nothing ? We simply do .