The forth and Clyde canal is situated in Scotland , a waterway connecting Glasgow to Edinburgh . From time to time I like to enjoy a trip down the waterway and mainly fish for pike and perch . Back in the days fish where plentiful , good safe place to relax and enjoy some fresh air . I went back down trying my luck again armed with my special Hto 73 light spinning rod and some tantalizing little shad . First thing I did notice was the incredible amount of little fry , presumably little roach , massive shoal of baby fish . Great that sound ! Water thriving , full of life . Go back a few years then I was catching a few pike in the very same water , enjoying some sport and always catching something half decent . So where do you think all those predatory fish have gone ?

A few years back on my travel , especially in the summer months I came across some disturbing sight . A ) The fish barbecue . Fish barbecue is when people catch a fish and eat it straight afterward .

B ) The set lines . Set lines are scattered along the waterway , they are baited and left . Any Fish caught that way will be removed when the darkness sets in and taken or sold for the pot .

C) Netting and traps . Sure that cannot be right ! Unfortunately common practise our days .

The last five years I have noticed a considerable lack of predatory fish .ie (pike)

Pike are not only a sport fish to catch , they do regulate the water .They prey mainly on disease and dead fish .

Right now the future is bleak . The predatory fish are gone but the predatory birds are back . The cormorants and goosanders are thriving on those little fish and multiplying too .

The Forth and Clyde canal is not stocked , just a natural water where people can enjoy a bit of fishing .

Practise catch and release . That sport fish you have just caught deserves  to be put back and naturally control the water .

Catch and release should be made mandatory in Scotland for those wild unstocked creature , after all a tin of heinz beans will cost you less and taste probably sweeter than a sinky pike .

Enough said … Watch the video Below pike canal 2017 (1 of 1).jpg