Here comes 2017 . It’s early stage yet but this coming year 2017 will see more kayak fishers out on the water . To start kayak fishing go with someone experienced enough to show you the ropes . They are always spare kayaks available . On a trip you will find out if it’s for you or not .

This is Loch Lomond on the 2nd of january 2017 . Dan got is spanking brand new kayak , Iain and Jamie are sampling kayak Monday . Winter fishing is brutal so it’s always good to dress accordingly , everything can freeze at one point . My new year resolution is to catch 25 different species of fish during 2017 . Only 24 to go now !

Light Hto rockfish 73 in hand and my favorite jig head I work my way in deep water . Fish on , yes , a Bonnie Perch .

Who said kayak fishing is easy ?