Fishing is a relaxing pastime . Getting away from all is good from time to time . Catching fish is always a bonus  . Today we are on the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond just two weeks before Christmas .

No struggle though  , the weather is mild and the loch  surprisingly flat calm . Stuart and I paddle towards the peace , fisher and nature combine as a whole . The loch is busy today I notice , three boats chasing David 30lb pike and four kayaks . No trophy hunter I set up my lightest rod , Hto 73 rock fish and pair it with a light jig . I bounce the jig inches from the bottom and fish on . It’s not a big fish so I am hoping it’s a perch ! Oh no , just a little jack pike and definitely the smallest caught this year .

Mid day already , great cloud cover and ever so relaxing . I stop for a little stretch of the legs , Stuart is cooking porridge on the bank . And then John and his friend appears , we are now all tucked away on a small island . John is a tremendous fisher and knows his sport well . Small information later and we are all hunting for perch . I set up the drop shot and then perky the perch is biting . I love catching perch , stunning creature .

Reflecting on the day  .

1) Winter fishing is slow . With 7 hours of daylight , make the most of it .

2) Share your technique with other anglers , so everyone can have a good time .

3 ) If you do not catch anything , forget it ! You have witness the very best scenery in the world .

4 ) With only two weeks before Christmas  , A simple day on the water saved you a fortune .

Thank you Stuart , Bill , Liam (kayaks ) John , David and some savage specimen hunter (boat )