Fishy , fishy , where are you hiding ? December the 5th here on the Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond .

I love this time of the year when fishing becomes hard  , it’s not a fish a drop , one fish is a bonus . Catching up with Glen and Marcos is special , we are easy going . We arrived early morning and the Bonnie banks is spectacular , you have no idea how cool this place is .

My set up and plan is simple , Lrf , Light rock fishing for some fun and a heavy set up , deadbaiting for pike . Stuart the happy camper joined us on his boat , they are nuts camping outdoor in the Minus , they choose one island and turn it into a wilderness adventure .

We paddle to my favorite spot of fishing , the deeper the better , the fish are lying low today . Sooner than later I hook into a fish and it’s a good one too .

Fishing super light I set my reel drag accordingly and let the rod do all the work for me . Double figure pike is now on the surface but it’s not done yet , she is looking for freedom and I’m trying to catch her . Couple of attempt and the fish is all mine .

Chining the fish was not the best , my fingers got caught in the gill blades , leaving a deep bleeding cut . Pike have teeth , couple of hundred actually  the gill blades are razor sharp too , but the fish is to be treated with respect .

Marcos is close by and do a quick photo , the fish straight jump back into the wild water .

Time for a break on the deserted island , Glen the chef’s doing some flat sausages . That’s good !

Mid day and the next plan is to catch another fish . Dead bait this time , a nice piece of mackerel . The rod is rocking and I do not want to pike to swallow the bait . I retrieve  the mackerel and there is a few teeth marks in there .

The short day went  on and we did finally enjoyed our paddle back and then the last cast , sunsetting  back to reality .