Oh Loch Lomond , the Bonnie banks and the rest of it , is there any Monster in there ?

Catching up with David was good , a slippery character , an outdoor lover . We made our way to the bonnie banks looking forward to  a good paddle , a little bit of scenery and some fresh air .

It’s a long process getting every thing set up , did we forgot anything ? With 26 miles of water to play for and no fish finder , locating fish is like finding a needle in a haystack .

My plan today was to use a dead bait , a nice joey mackerel to tempt a fish and play with my Lrf rod . David is off , lures in hand , the water is cold and the fish lethargic .

If you catch a fish on the lure David  i’ll buy you a pint ! I keep this quiet in my head  , there is no way a fish is going to grab his lure today . Nothing is happening , flat waterscape with sceneries to die for .

We are having a great time on the water , so close to the big city and also so far away from all .

Then it’s time for a little stretch off the legs , I paddle towards the little island .Small break and then  fish on shout David , I look on for a minute or so . I keep on looking and decide to join him .

Something definitely grabbed his lure , there is a fish on ! I paddle really close in and there is something the size of my thigh a meter long just beneath the water .

We start to laugh hysterically , this is a Monster . The plan is Not to land the fish on the kayak , that would be fatal ! And the fish would probably end up eating us ! Anyway , in a split second  , team work , we made it to the shore and David reeled in the fish .

Oh my God , this is a monster . After a quick photo the fish was released , safe and well to fight another day .

The fish weight was estimated at about 30 pounds . A true Loch Lomond wild Monster .