It’s always good to keep the memory intact . We decided not to go shopping on Black Friday , instead we went to Loch Lomond , kayak fishing  .  It was not a big crowd this time either , just the two of us having the loch to ourselves . We spend time warming up fingers and toes and yes it was cold , the coldest day since last summer , and summers here in scotland are always cold . It was – 7C when I loaded the kayak onto the roof bars early morning and left the house  . Six hours on the water was enough to keep us chilled . Fishing wise I managed to locate the fish , I knew they would be sitting right off the bottom chilling as well . Fast moving lures would be a total waste of time so I opted for a nice mackerel and used it as bait . Surrounded by heavy fog all day long my rod buckled in and , fish on . A nice pike followed , not a monster , but hard enough to fight it nice and tight . Couple of more bites during the day and that was just enough to keep me satisfied . Glad Glen brought his little cooker with him and boiled some hot water for my porridge . It’s always a good day with Glen  in the great outdoors . Some of you went shopping on Black Friday , we went fishing , we took nothing and only left some footprints on the deserted island . I start to wonder if this winter is going to be extremely cold .Of course it will be !  To follow