In this latest adventure we drove all the way back up to the Highlands , Loch Etive to be precise , a deep sea loch surrounded by awesome mountainous scenery .The night sleep in the back of the van was comfortable , bed chair , inflatable mattress and double sleeping bag . Mark the cod virgin took his transporter carrying Stuart and his own kayak . There is beer in his fridge and the temperature inside is a cool 19 C . Next morning is all go and we prepare our set up accordingly . John the local hero is there too , he manage to set up all his gears in no time . Kayak ,paddle ,seat , dry suit , hats , fishing rods , lure boxes , lunch box ,towel , knife ,ropes ,anchor ,drink ,cameras ,go pro ,lures ,bait and the list goes on and it’s never ending . I paddle comfortably to my first spot , the cod corner . Little sabiki , small hooks I bait them with a tiny piece of prawn . The fun begin and the cod are biting . Each little tap on the rod is truly enjoyable on  the other end . I lift those small fish and keep on lifting and releasing them . Mark close by is about to enjoy his very first cod too , a new species . We then paddle on further up the loch , Stuart and john are sitting tied on the big buoy . They are bait fishing in 300 ft of water . I then set up my Lrf rod , Light rock fishing and a tiny small orange shad . The next hour will be fun , I wonder if my rod will smash up to pieces . I set up the drag of my reel accordingly and coax those pollock out of the kelp in deepish water . Using super light tackle from the kayak is super efficient . This rod is bending double  .We enjoy the rest of the day fishing and paddling  and I am making sure now  this time will never be forgotten printed and saved on the big wide web .