Have a passion in life as they say , have a hobby , be positive . Enjoy every days as it comes , each and every single days are numbered . Do take nothing for granted . I consider myself lucky in this world , I have got scenery on my doorstep . Featuring the great outdoors Scotland is the place . Five of us today in this magnificent surrounding , we paddle hard and try to catch some fish . Here we are the west coast of scotland and it’s scenic from start to finish . The news in the world are dreich , people wants things  and they crave for plastic . However we are the kayakers and we like a little bounce on the rod , the tap tap or the ferocious take . Today was special , a good mix of people , friends , and a new water to explore . Oh we did catch some fish ! But that is totally irrelevant . Winter is here now and the adventure continues . I would like to thanks the people who have joined Kayak Monday . Enjoy the photos and the video .