Here we are Halloween , the clock is changed and the days are increasingly getting shorter. Back on loch Lomond again , the West and scenic part this time .

Stuey and I parked  on the side of the road , less than 20 yards to the water . Our plan today is to catch fish , mainly pike and perch . We paddle in the distance with Ben Lomond and surrounding islands for sceneries . The weather is fantastic , the loch is flat calm , nearly warm and no predicted rain .

Here is a challenge , trying to find a fish in this immensity 26 miles long piece of water . The next 6 hours will be about casting and recasting 3 different rods , fishing shallow bays and much deeper spots . Every cast feels like , yes I am going to catch a fish , and each retrieve feels lifeless . Today is fishing and not catching . Loch Lomond is truly a challenging place to fish even from the kayak .

We paddled and explored , enjoyed company and looked after each other , but fishing on halloween , we should have worn our masks on . Till the next trip , hope it’s a bit more fishy .