I will remember this trip for days to come , the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond . I choose Balmaha on a crisp morning  , It’s late October , the loch is flat calm and I am ready to enjoy my own company . My main focus is to catch perch on Light tackle , it’s called Lrf . I paddle to a fairly deep spot , the fish are now concentrating in deeper water and since it’s blue sky they will swim even deeper . I cast my little jig head way deep and success is instant . The perch are on the feed chasing my little hto orange shad . This type of fishing is so relaxing , enjoying scenery and wildlife . I then try to catch a pike using a dead mackerel . The fish is on and it’s a good one , somehow she managed to steal the dead fish without getting hooked , even with 2 trebles in there . I know that fish is mine and I will return to catch her , that is a promise . Today was truly enjoyable because of the weather and scenery and the dozen perch or so kept me busy . Loch Lomond is a fantastic place to fish and you can pick your own spot , it’s 26 miles long ! Fishing is permitted and you required a license to fish but the best of all every fish must be returned to the loch alive , that way future generation will be able to catch something in the years to come .