It’s early morning , the sun is about to pop behind the mountain , the cloud cover is dense and temperatures are dropping . Loch Etive here we are , Three kayak fishers on the day with no one else . On every trip our goal is to catch fish , enjoy our company and be safe on the water . Prior to each trip I would organise a little set up . Loch etive is very deep , so a boat rod and multiplier is essential . Close in a spinning rod and baited feathers will do for the smaller species . And we have now LRF . Light Rock Fishing , Using little shad trying to catch a monster . We paddle in the distance , surrounded by mountains the loch is tantalisingly calm . My first task is to catch anything that swim , so I paddle close in to the rock face and drop a set of baited feathers . The bait is mackerel , the fish are rattling the bait and the first codling is up . This one is kelpy looking , a true red cod . I release it quickly and proceed to another species , a poor cod this time , small fish with protruding eyes . The next stage is to catch up with Stuey , Stuey and I have spend hours on the water together the last 6 years . He is sitting there tied on to a buoy . Fishing there is seriously deep , 100 meter deep , so a multiplier full with braid is primordial . Stuey is doing well and we watch him pulling fish after fish . It’s spurdogs and dogfish , and then a good size Ling . Unfortunately this fish will never make it another day . It was released and then went belly up . My next catch was a spurdog and then another one , I use a big chunk of mackerel and a boom set up with 150 lb nylon . The lads then decided to move on further up the loch , the rain was lashing and paddling was necessary just to keep warm . I then had a great plan , Using my LRF . This 7ft rod will cast no more than 8 grs . I tie on a little soft lure orange shad on a 4 gr jig head and sport was about to begin . I cast and retrieve this little lure and my rod bend double .The pollock and coley are fierce predators and hit the lure constant . Lrf is fun and it’s only a matter of time people will catch big fish that way . I rejoin my friends further up the loch , Marcos is sitting there on a blank day but eventually his luck is about to turn . Marcos is new to kayak fishing but also very keen , I help him out the best I can . His rod is about to break , I watch him reeling for ages and he shouts , a ray . Thornback rays are awesome creatures , they always have that funny smile . Marcos is happy , his very first ray . We unhooked the spiky thorny fish and let her swim back to her depth , a cool 100 meter down !
Today was fun once again . The fishing was not too bad either with scenery to die for . Kayak fishing is fun sitting inches from the water . Enjoy .. and tight lines all .