We have been anticipating this latest  adventure for weeks . Oh yes the kayakers are back to sea ! Oor location will be Oban for the day , Scenic little town situated on the west coast of Scotland , gateway to the islands . Stuey and I got up early for this trip , still dark in the morning setting up our kayaks . Beautiful setting and calm sea ahead , sandy beach to die for . Multitasking then ! It will be spinning for bait and then trying for something bigger , then fun fishing on lighter tackle . We paddle following the coastline and Stuey’s fishfinder is already showing some good news .The baits , mainly mackerel are showing in good numbers . We then tie on to the biggest buoy we can find and then action began . Spinning rod in hand sending a set of feather down and instant hit . The mackerel are on the move and I have no fishing quota . My bag is filling up steadily so to say . Multitasking to the next task , catching a much bigger fish , and I know they are there lurking right underneath my kayak . Boat rod and the biggest hook in the toolbox  will do . I fillet one of those mackerel just like a flapper and send it down . I carry on hauling those mackerel and then in the corner of my eye I can see the boat rod shuddering . Fish is on , I grab the rod and set up the drag , give and take the battle began . The fish eventually surface , a cool looking Spurdog , from the shark family . I grab the tail and try to lift the fish onto my lap . Spurdogs are strong and still have to be handled with care . I unhook this personal best , a double figure fish and release it back to the depth . All good so far and since the mackerel are frantic I still haul them . Mackerel are my favorite bait in sea angling and it would be a missed opportunity not to keep them  , harvesting them for a later date . We then head back to the shore , it’s a lovely warm afternoon . The little cove is pristine , little bite to eat and processing , filleting all those fish . We then paddle back out and I follow the shore . Light rock fishing is my next challenge . I send this tiny soft lure into the deep and slowly retrieve it and this time the small pollock and coley are biting . Lrf is fun from start to finish , it is a delicate way to fish .  8 hours on the water with Stuey’s great company followed by Marcos and John , inspiring new kayakers we had fun . A red letter day fairly close to home in sublime Scottish seascape . portencross-11-1-of-1oban-9-1-of-1oban-7-1-of-1oban-6-1-of-1oban-2-1-of-1