Loch Lomond has been our fishing destination this past month . This is our big water and our biggest puzzle yet to sort . Yes we know , there are some proper fish to be caught , however finding those feels like mission impossible . Our challenge today is to get Ian on the water . We get everything for granted most of the time , Ian is a special kind of human , Ian is an amputee , they had to cut one of his leg off . Plenty help at hand we got all his stuff ready so the man can fish . Kayaks are heavy to carry to the water so we always work like a team helping each other out  , group kayaking is always much saffer with hardly any mishaps whatsoever . Loch Lomond is a challenging place to fish . I go light tackle , little jiggs  , Lrf style I chase pike and perch . A fish is a fish and it does not have to be massive to make me more happy . A lb5 pike on lb4 fluorocarbon on  Lrf rod will feel like a massive battle . Every fish will take a small lure , I figure that out , it’s nature . Loch Lomond is brilliant though  , plenty scenery and wildlife . The going will be tougher when the colder weather settles in . The hardcore kayakers will be out breathing fresh air . I enjoy today like any other kayak Monday , It was great to meet up with  Mark , catch up with Stuart but Ian was the man who inspired me the most , battling through life with awful injury , Well done that Man . Tag along any time in the near future buddy , you are very welcome .