This is my day , my time off , something I look forward to . I call it kayak Monday and it’s a ritual event . The minute I sit on the kayak I feel good and look forward to the next 7 hours paddling and exploring . We are back on Loch Lomond and it’s 26 miles long . This is the most challenging water I have ever fished in , and I never know where to start . Glen and I are coarse angling today , bait fishing using worms and maggots but also LRFing for perch and pike . The southern light wind is pushing us slowly up the Loch . It’s warm already , Close in the shore line Glen is opening the scoring . The fight is good on light tackle and the first jack pike is landed . Next stop we anchor and I start ground baiting to attract some fish . Dropshot set up and some garden snake the perch are heading my way  . I love  a good perch ! Those are not monsters but they are feisty and tricky armour plated characters . The small pond within the big pond is next on our travel , jungle paradise with no shore access . The water is clear and deep . Somehow I don’t fancy my chance , the scenic beauty and calmness is there . I cast and sink my little rubber shad a little bit deeper and bang . This lomond Jack pike is on , and he does not want to be caught . I keep in contact with the fish till he’s mine . This one is pristine and the marking is awesome . I take a quick photo and release him fast . Glen is now close to a massive hit , the fish follow his lure close to the kayak just enough to give him a fright .  Time to paddle back , casting here and there still hoping for another fish . We then anchor for the last time , relaxing and enjoying our indian summer . A little perch for me and a few roach for Glen we made it . We are still learning , and learning is good . Next month pike fishing should be good ,the water gets colder and the fish will start feeding prior to the winter . Thank’s for reading .