I managed to kayak fish twice this week , yep two times . The first trip was great on loch Lomond , friends , scenery , great paddle but no fish . I had in mind catching fish , no matter the size ,shape or look , I just wanted to catch fish ! So I went down the Forth and Clyde canal ,a fifteen minutes drive from my front door . Great mid morning , slightly warm I launched the mini ocean caper on the narrow strait of water . I paddled for a while looking for activity on the water , fish moving and so on . The narrow boats kept passing , the cyclist kept riding the tow path , the runner kept on running and every dog walker kept on walking . Plenty activity so close to the big city ,Glasgow . I plugged away using my little soft shad , with no success , got to say the water was pretty murky . I then hooked a little pike , home grown garden snake on the jig head that works ! And then I managed to get those little perch closer eventually hooking a few . I remember back in the days when pike use to be plentiful and they were so easy to catch . Days have changed though . There is still plenty little roach to catch , with no predators to eat them . The ecologic food chain is now changed since the people have ate all the pike . I was hoping to catch a few pike like in the days , enjoying paddle and sport . A few hours on the water did me good ,so close to the big City , wonderful calm and scenic .