Adventures on the big loch , Loch Lomond are never the same . It’s never the same people who join the trips , it’s never the same weather and luckily we never ever catch the same fish . With 26 miles of water to explore the launching are endless , today we start from the bottom end of the loch . Four kayakers , couple of hardcore and here comes the new one . Introducing new people to the water is fantastic , making our sport grow .

9 am on the water and we are all concentrating our effort on the pike . Pike are plentiful and we love them for the sport , great predators they always give a good fight . I fancy the little shad today , soft lure type in orange colour they will catch me some fish . The first fish are perch ,Stuey and Ian are bang on ! My plan is to venture somewhere different , trying new water ,and new scenery . All our crafts are different , Marcos and Ian riding small kayaks , Stuey and I paddling Kaskasi and stealth 470 , probably the best in this world . However riding any kayaks makes no difference to us as long as we are all safe on the water .

A good paddle across the Loch we are now  all looking for some weedy patch . Weed bed is the home for the pike ,they like to hide in the cover .

Game on for me , little jig working perfect and the Lrf rod bends double . I set up the reel drag and apply medium pressure on the set up ,the fish is close now and gently grab it just behind the head  . Lovely pike and a good fight made me do a 360 !

Stuey then hook and release one , just determined to do so and still learning . And then a bigger fish grab his lure and start to drag him along . This is a much bigger fish holding on to the bottom but eventually it goes free . Fish on , fish off  Marcos has still not connected to anything yet . And then fish on , Alleluia ! It’s a good sight , and a good fight however first ever landing can be tricky . The fish comes close to his yak and he just grabs it above the head and remove the little jig . The fish is then quickly released back and we probably will never ever see it again in a lifetime of fishing . Marcos first word is , I Am having a beer tonight .

And so we went home , and we all caught and released fish . And the adventure continues . Middle of september now still going strong .