Nope , we have not fallen out of our kayaks . Today’s rollover is to do with our little competition , prizes , fame and so on ! Last week adventure was poor , the fish did not play ball . So I decided to carry on our journey on Loch Lomond hunting predators .

I like to fish new spots , paddle somewhere different and learn from that . We have six kayaks on the water today ,  it’s 7am and the drizzle just started . The loch is flat calm and my first wish is to hit some perch .

Bigtojj aka Tony travelled far for this event , and with some dropshotting technicks he was soon into a pike , LRF fishing for pike is fun especially from a kayak . His rod bent double but soon enough he grabbed his prize , fully marked little pike , just great .

Soft lure fishing is one of my prefered way to catch fish . This little orange 3 cm shad and a jig hook stuck in it is about to catch some perch . I paddle straight into deeper water , casted the lure and sunk it to the bottom .Having to wait 15 seconds feels like eternity however the perch did start to follow the lure and hit it mid water .Result . A cast , A fish !

We then paddle further following the shore line , rain and drizzle all the way , the whole place just look grey .We are not in any rush , new parts and bays to explore all looking for a good pike . It’s a mix group today also , Seven years on the water with my good pal Stuey , Super Glen , they call him the thinker , Rob almost new to this game and Stuart fish x  , great angler new to kayaking .

Midday and the supposed good fishing spot was not fishing great at all .Stuey had a good one on , unfortunately not for long enough .

And then we paddled back . No wind and flat calm but still a long paddle .We stopped along the way and catching started to improve a little bit . Pike and perch and the one who did get away .

The fishing police asked us to show our fishing license as we were summoned to the shore .Loch Lomond is catch , photo and release only .Eastern european migrants have been caught recently and will soon face charges in court . If they want to go about and kill every fish that swim and make roach soup , fair enough they can head back home and the sooner the better . Natural wild fish deserve a living since they are not stock in this water .

So it’s a rollover then , none of us did land a monster fish ,we got soaked to the bones in super scenic waterscape ,but the day will be remembered for the great company and friendship  .Till the next rollover then …Tight lines all if you have managed to read that far !