We had so much fun recently exploring Loch Lomond on our kayaks , I decided to head back there inviting some of the troops .

This time we decided to invite James , a work mate who has never kayaked fish before . Fantastic weather this early monday morning , it’s 6 AM and we are preparing for this new adventure .

Six kayaks on the water , one cool looking fishing boat as well we are all competing for the perch and pike challenge . Today we have prize for the winner , A shimano reel donated by Fish X Stuart .

Since James is new on the water I make sure everything is fine , riding the 11ft Ocean caper he is already cruising along .

Here comes the fishing , Bright sunny day ,not the best for catching .The perch are biting but today they seems hard to hook . Kayak fishing in group is  fantastic and also a great way to learn quick . I enjoy fishing with the light gears , little rubber shad for bait , keeping busy casting and retrieving .

Catching today is near impossible for the troops however james is nearly into a proper loch Lomond monster .The savage gear roach got bitten by a pike , unfortunately today is fishing , not catching .

We explore and paddle exploring every little scenic bays . I manage some perch and small pike here and there securing a massive victory , only jokin .

We finally all head back to land having spend a great day on the water . Fishing was so hard for all of us I decided to rollover the reel prize and the few coins to the next adventure . Till then , tight lines all .