Ah Loch Lomond , one of the biggest loch in Scotland , When we fish there we never know where to start from . It is so vast it would take a lifetime to explore its contour . Ian and I have some good plans , we don’t go fishing , we go catching . Our plan today is to catch a big wild perch ,and to do so we need to go light . Perch do not like to bump into heavy tackle and massive hooks . I fancy my new hto 73 lrf light rock fishing rod , it can only cast 8 grms , or a small little jig .We get up early for this trip , 6am on the beach and preparing for some action . I am in no hurry , today we are sampling the scenery . The loch is flat calm just like glass , plenty cloud cover and light drizzle . First hit is under the pier , the perch follow the light jig , it’s a fat one for Lomond ! A little rub of fish dynamix wand and we keep going to the next bay . Little jack pike are on the menu today , we catch and release .Those jacks are so fiesty making our journey fun . Ian makes great company , always take a friend with you , help is at hand everywhere we go . The next bay is not fishing like we would expect . 3 hours on the water and it’s time for a sandwich . Not far a big fish is swirling around , We sit back on our kayak ,short paddle and a few more cast later my rod bends double . The fish head straight down to the weedy bed . Although all my tackle is super light I know nothing is going to break , I pull some weed out from the line and then the fish is heading close to the kayak . Hand’s in I grab the pike and it’s a good one ! A couple of photo soon after and the fish is released to his freedom . We carry on our journey to the bottom end of the loch , exploring even more .A pike here and a perch there the action continues . And then we are making our way back into some unsettle weather . The wind has picked up ,time to head back to the bays .Then Ian hooked a proper fish on , a clever one heading right under the lilly pad and emptying his spool . I follow his line and eventually reach the monster , I pull the line and retrieve the little jig with no fish attached to it , c’est la vie !  Today we learned how to outsmart the fish using light techniks . Kayak fishing rocks !