It all started a few years back now and I remember well those solo paddle . I am proud to say we now have in Scotland a small group of kayak fishers . It has been a long winding road , kayak fishing looks unstable to say the least , the weather and the wind can even make things more difficult .  The investment is healthy to start with but once all the bits are collected the fun begins .Scotland has so much water to explore , the lochs and the sea .Today we are on Loch Lomond ,one of the biggest loch in the whole united kingdom . The team is simple with four nation , Glen , a true Scotsman , Marcos ala portugues , Ian an english man and myself still french .We all get along well . We are all good at helping each other ,safety comes first and then we have the fishing . Ah loch Lomond , where do we start ,26 miles long ! I hook my first fish , a lively pike , nothing massive but just enough to get a heart beat .The scenic is awesome with ospreys flying above .Ian gets a fish too ,a small jack pike making in the process a personal best .Marcos is new to the game ,still learning , tactics , retrieve , best lure to use . And then Glen ,Glen has been a consistent fish catcher throughout the year . He knows the water well and I know his rod is going to double soon . Fish is on and it’s a big one . His gears will withstand the tussle , man fighting fish on a precarious embarkation .This pike is awesome , big head and fat .Glen gilled it and lift the monster .Quick photo and he released the fish back to freedom .Great catch .We then paddle back exploring even more . Light gear is on for me and I fancy a perch .little jig head and soft rubber lure I hook into pike number two . 5 or 6 pound on the lightest gear is unbelievable .Eventually the fish comes close to the yak and I grab it .One twist of the tail , he is off .The adventure continues and the troop are happy , bright sunshine  , proper heat wave . Last effort for the little one ,the perch .This time of the year the stripey fish are gathering closer to the shores looking for small preys . Soft plastic shad not doing great and then I switch on a tiny hard lure .Game on .perch after perch . Kayak fishing rocks from start to finish .If you have read that far kayak fishing is about freedom , sitting just above the water , having a good workout and enjoying friendship  ..We leave no trace , just footprints if ever and release all our fish free .Tight lines all .