Loch Lomond is basically on our doorstep and it’s so vast it would take a lifetime to explore its contents . The weather is blustery today , I decided to go west and hide behind the mountains . Ian and I launched in a quiet bay , so beautiful and yet so close to the big city . Set up tackle is easy , we are going light using very small jigs and rubber shad . Rain and shine ,still early morning and the fish are biting . I cast my lure in the distance and slowly work it back just above the weed bed , a few cast later and a lively small pike engulf the lure .Game on ! Good fight on light tackle .The first fish is not landed , little somersault and he’s off . A few cast later and another small jack fancy my little fox shad rubbed with the magic fish Dynamix wand .This one is a little trickier and decide to jump right in the front of the kayak , so acrobatic that is ! We then on paddle around the island and Ian managed a perch . Little stop on a sandy beach , having a berry good time collecting some blueberries , the best . We then on paddle against every elements thrown at us . Loch Lomond can be a wild place .Fishing is slow but eventually Ian grab his first pike and another perch .Mission accomplished then ,a few fish here and there , a couple of missed one too ,a good paddle though . This place is amazing so close to the big city and guess what ,

no one knows it actually exist .