Every Monday I try to organise a little kayak fishing trip , we have made many friends that way and enjoyed some great time on the water . Yesterday we went to rhu in the Clyde estuary looking for some species . Seven kayaks on the water , good weather , light wind and no rain . I went super light this time using the LRF rod , lb4 mono , some juicy worms and my favorite little fox shad . We paddled away close to the marina and fishing started pronto . Goldsinny wrasse on the drop shot , codling , little haddock , nothing big but great sport on super light tackle . We then went in all directions , fishing different ways . Paul on the float was doing great with grey

gurnard ,dragonet as well . A small paddle here and there I was hoping for some mackerel trolling a set of feathers . I then went back to the pontoon having a relaxing day . A little water bottle was drifting towards me and I picked it up .It was full of sweeties inside with a little note as well . It read , my name is Kasey , I am 5 years old , I live in Greenock .If you find this post it on Facebook . I tuck the bottle away inside the kayak without eating any sweet and carried on fishing . Little spikey shad and a smear of fish dynamix wand , I was soon into a better fish , a feisty pollock was on , Great fight on the light gear ! Soon after two more pollock swallow the lure in no time . We then all went home , the team managed a few mackerel as well , with 10 different species the Clyde is certainly not dead . My next step was then to find out who sent the little message in the bottle . Her name is Kasey , 5 year old from Greenock . The post went viral within an hour , little Kasey was found soon and delighted of the actual find and the post was shared over 2000 times on Facebook . The little bottle was sent the day prior , travelling a few miles from Greenock to Rhu . Long live the Clyde , so close to the big city with some fun inspiring catch .Tight lines all